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Winning Government Contracts and Grant Funding Isn't Getting Easier!

Increased customer use of limited-access GWAC IDIQ vehicles
Most businesses don't have enough capabilities and past performance to bid without a teaming partner
Proposal requirements are becoming more complex
Businesses are constantly pressured to do more with less
Businesses that fail to win new contracts or secure funding cannot survive. InfoSquirrel™ is designed to streamline your teaming and proposal management process so that you can pursue more opportunities and win more business.

The InfoSquirrel™ Method is Simple

1 Expand Your Network The more organizations in your network, the more collective capabilities you share that can be used to meet contract requirements.
2 Share Opportunities & Build Teams The InfoSquirrel opportunity sharing features helps primes find subs, and subs find primes. Form partnerships quickly through the capability matrix and other information sharing features.
3 Build Proposal Content Use your secure repository of existing proposals to quickly re-purpose and build new content. Give proposal writers tools to access your capability write-ups and past performance quickly. Join for Free
InfoSquirrel Method

Introducing AI Assisted Proposal Writing!

InfoSquirrel™ now harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help your team write proposals faster. The Proposal Miner feature includes a ChatGPT prompt to help you write new content, re-write your existing material for new customers, and enhance your overall writing style. This can help your team submit proposals faster than ever and with higher quality.

AI Proposal Writing

A Feature-Rich Platform for Primes, Subcontractors and Individuals.

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InfoSquirrel™ is Affordable for Small Businesses

Small Businesses no longer need to worry about the high cost of accessing the tools needed to grow. InfoSquirrel™ leads similar enterprise solutions in the market by providing access to a platform that addresses the biggest challenges among small business owners.

Free Access

Global Registry Access Global

Complete a business profile

Customize personal profile

Enables prime contractors to find your company's capabilities

Capabilities matched to solicitation requirements

Customize notification preferences

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Network+ $19.99/mo

Free Access Features

Perform dynamic searching within the Global Registry

Create a Global Registry business network

Establish P2P and B2B connections

Create capability matrices

Create compliant matrices

Message members within the Global Registry

View solicitations and join proposal teams

Premium $399.99/mo

Free Access Features

Network+ Features

Upload and post solicitations for private or public viewing

Custom solicitation / opportunity dashboard

Create business development opportunity funnels

Create IDIQ-specific solicitation groups

Auto-match companies to solicitation requirements

Manage the lifecycle of solicitation distribution and teaming process

Deploy software-generated capability matrices to solicitation records

Generate proposal documents from a secure proposal repository

Our Business Network is Rapidly Growing

Hyatt Survey Services GP Consulting, LLC Designs by Stacey, Inc. Data Recognition Corporation D2 Government Solutions Riverscape Software, Inc. Century 22 Solutions LLC (C22) Aqueos American Operations Corporation The Ginisis Group Crane Solutions, LLC Reef Systems Corporation Icetech, Inc. TerraConcepts, LLC Oceaneast ASC, Inc Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus Illumination Works CommCore Inc. Calspan AG Grace, Inc. Flairsoft Carley Corporation H2L Solutions Strategic Results (AD&Resources LLC) Syntelligent Analytic Solutions LLC Crowned Grace Inc. (d/b/a Crowned Grace International) SNA International Defense Systems and Services, LLC The Building People Laredo Technical Services

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